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With a gym-owner as a mother, and my stepdad being a personal trainer, I grew up amidst the iron.

I studied both Fitness A at the AALO in Amsterdam and have completed the certified NASM Personal Trainer module. After kickboxing, yoga, surfing, pole fitness, and strength training I was curious to see what my body could actually accomplish, and decided to enter a bodybuilding competition. I saw and felt what the beautiful human body is capable of, and have won first, second and third place in multiple competitions.

Having a healthy body and being able to move without limitations have been goals I've taken into consideration my entire life, both consciously and unconsciously.

If we are lucky, we are gifted with a body that can change and better it's strength, flexibility and balance, depending on what we ask of it. We are, for a very big part, in control of what that body feels like, looks like and what it can accomplish. And although that can simply mean 'you gotta work for it', it's also a very positive thought that we can make ourselves happier, healthier and better. With the right knowledge, and our mutual motivation, we can move mountains.

Contact me for pricing / details. I hope to see you soon!

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